There are no Gender Specific are for al kids!

Gender Neutral Toys Are Clearly Not a Priority for Fast Food.

Think back to the last time you ordered a kids meal at a giant fast food chain. Did they ask you, “is the toy for a boy or a girl?” 

(WHAT DOES IT MATTER?!? My boys like cute little critters AND robots!)

News Flash: Toys are gender neutral…until we label them a certain way.

After getting annoyed for the thirteenth billionth time at this question when we were asked it AGAIN last week, I decided to take some action and write up an article aimed at those fast food giants, in the hopes that some progress might be made in their training practices and policies.

…and it was published by Scary Mommy, one of the largest mom-blogger networks! (whoa!)

Head on over there to read the full article by CLICKING HERE, and don’t forget to share it on social media! 

Scary Mommy

Let's Make Them Take Notice.

Share the article and tag any fast food places that you’ve heard this question asked at, using the hashtag #toysareforallkids. I’ll bet we parents who know that toys are not for any one gender can make a difference!

What are your stories about the gendering of toys? Were you ever told that you couldn’t play with something because it “was only for girls/boys?” 

Scroll down and let us know in the comments below!

Fast Food needs to stop promoting gender specific toys by asking "boy or girl toy?"