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We are a fun-loving family led by a voice actor mom and a data psychologist dad.

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We’re working parents raising two cute and mischievous little boys.
(And teaching them all things geeky)
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With humor and a sense of adventure, we enjoy traveling together to unusually awesome places,
discovering and trying unique things, and  finding the fun in the mundane…

We love telling stories about what we experience, building community and sharing tips with families who might like the same things!

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Animation. All things Disney. Musical Theatre. Star Trek. Star Wars. Luxury Travel. Being together. Laughing. The Nightmare Before Christmas. Tropical places. Homeschooling. Theme Parks. Singing at the top of our lungs in the car. Movies. Harry Potter. Eating Healthy. Quirky Products. Conventions and Cosplay. Doctor Who. Mountains. Animals. Being silly.

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What’s the best Vlogging Camera? Part 2: Canon G7X Mark II vs. EOS M6
What’s the best Vlogging Camera? Part 1: Canon G7X Mark II vs. EOS M6
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Welcome! We're the Morgans. We're a bunch of fun loving, nerdy folks who love to travel and explore together, trying new things and spreading the word about the ones we love so you can try them too! Come wander with us on our adventures!

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